Acrylic Paint and Sealed with Resin

“Born in Kempton Park, raised in Durban and now live in Germiston. Art came to me at an early age in a form of sketches and drawing. Living in different parts of our beautiful country influenced my perception of what art is. Simply, an expression of your self, what you need is what you see. Art is another form of language. I can only hope you receive the message only intended to you, through what I create.”

Resin over acrylic

Many artists like to use a gloss varnish on their paintings to seal and protect them, and give a nice shiny finish. I use MinWax Polycrylic on mine. But if you really want to take your finish up a level, then adding resin on top of your pour gives the most glossy, the most luxurious and the most professional looking finish. 

Resin over Acrilic

Amazing abstract art

Wood Canvas


Acrylic Paint

Sealed with Resin


“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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