Steve Maphoso – Contemporary Artist

By Andre'@Xpo-Artz

I was born in Luanda, the capital city of Angola. During the Angolan Civil War, my family and I moved to Mpumalanga for safety reasons. While growing up in South Africa I quickly noticed that I was surrounded by cascades of beauty which later became an expression in my art.

When asked if I could pinpoint the moment when I fell in love with art, reflecting over my life for that moment I found it difficult. I believe the ambition came from my family, a collective of individuals that found joy in dance and a variety of art forms. In my teen years I watched my brother sketch cars and characters from comic books.

Watching how these illustrations came to life birthed a bold imagination which ultimately lead to a career in art.
A pivotal moment in my career took place after a visit to the Pretoria Art Museum. While learning about the history of art, I was overcome by a surreal moment in which I felt I could pull out the passion and enthusiasm of the artist from each piece I observed. Contrasting the depth of nature, including the use of elephant paper (elephant dung) and movements of contemporary dance through brush strokes, this became a form of self-reflection and freedom in which I portrayed through my art.

I want to amaze people with my art work. I put my feelings and emotions in my drawings trying by all means to make people understand and love the form of art I want to portray.

For me its not about the money or the fame, my goal is to prove to everyone out there with a dream of becoming situated amongst the greats that it is possible. Through prayer and belief in what you stand for. Never letting anyone bring you down or discourage your dreams. I want to become the evidence of that.

Throughout me venturing in this career, I have always tried to ensure that the passion and
enthusiasm I have is shown through my work. Despite my success independently I have found
that although I didn’t get as much support as I wanted from the beginning it made me push my
self even more and place all my emotions in my work.
Nature and my love for Contemporary dance are the key elements I use to express my view of
what I believe art stands for. Everyone is entitled to express the way they feel, my form of
expression is art. My work reflects issues on freedom in arts. This can be seen through the
structure of each and every painting and drawing that is under my name.
What mostly inspires my work is Contemporary Dance. Art is all about how you can make
people feel through the strokes of each paint brush, pencil, pen and so forth. So, I see that
through Contemporary Dance and I find it as the purest form of art that’s why I include that in
my work so much.


In those years was given multiple opportunities to
showcase my work in a variety of Art Expo’s and Galleries:

2016 Connoisseur’s Art Market
2016 Art Exhibition at Roodeplaat Art Gallery
2017 Art Expo at the Chris Tugwell gallery
2017 A group Exhibition The Printmakers Fair at
Johann van Heerden’s Art Gallery
2017 A group Exhibiting the lesser printed male
nude at Johann van Heerden’s Art Gallery
2017 Pop-up Exhibition of selection on etching and
drawings at Trent Gallery
Part of a group Exhibition at Trent Gallery to draw a
Me, Myself And I portrait of the gallery owner

I’ve worked at Art Galleries such as:
The Gavin Projects
Art Afrique
My first opportunity of an interview on my
work came from the likes of Award Winning
Journalist Yoliswa Njamela at Johann van
Heerden’s Gallery.

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